The Tech that Kept Sylvia Going

Nicole xerox

Nicole Hollander, as some of her fans may not know, is an expert in xeroxgraphy.

Because Nicole had to create 6 strips a week (and at some points in her career 7 strips a week), she only drew Sylvia once. She would just xerox off a fresh Sylvia, place her in a new background with a new witty comment, and then send the strips off to her publisher.

I know Nicole will have something to say about me making the creating of Sylvia seem so easy peasy. Bring it, Nicole, bring it. Please tell us how hard your life was doing something you loved. 😉

Sylvia’s Back!

Nicole just informally announced that she is bringing Sylvia back!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.54.07 PM

What topics would you like to see covered in Sylvia? Throw out some suggestions and cast your votes below.

Hey Sylvia Fans! This page is for you!

Okay, okay, this whole site and documentary are for you…

This is the page where you can see letters from other fans like you.

This is also the page where you can have your own fan letters to Nicole/Sylvia posted.

And you can check out our documentary YouTube channel where we have fan videos posted here.


We Didn’t Defeat Reagan

In 1984, Nicole Hollander created illustrations for a Kartemquin documentary, Women’s Voices: The Gender Gap.

“This documentary explores the growing difference in the voting patterns of men and women (the gender gap) that could no longer be denied by the mid-1980’s. Issues like compensation equality, environmental preservation, subsidized childcare and healthcare became wedge issues in Ronald Reagan’s America as more and more women joined the workforce.”

You can watch the 22 minute documentary here. 

Thrift Store

This is a photo I found of Nicole and I playing around in a thrift store during her Indiegogo pitch video shoot.

Nicole and Laura thrift

For those of you who don’t remember the Indiegogo fundraiser for Nicole’s blog or would like to revisit the video, it’s embedded below. We had a great time making it! Enjoy.